Monday, October 19, 2009

SMA Natas Kaupas "Kitten" Deck

While this is no way near my favorite Natas board, I still probably would have killed someone to get my dirty little hands on it when I was younger. Natas was easily one of my favorite skaters and a bunch of other people's also, so this thing is not going to go for cheap. Here is what the seller had to say about it.

"This deck is a bona fide original Natas Kaupas “Kitten” deck from Santa Monica Airlines/Santa Cruz (circa 1989; it is NOT a modern designatorium version). It was given to me as a gift when I graduated from high school in 1998, and I have kept it in storage since. The original owner is a close family friend who is about ten years older than me. Hardware was mounted on the deck and it was ridden ever so slightly. There is a very small amount of wear on the bottom of the tail (from leaning back on the board a few times) as well as on the top side of the nose (probably from having the board resting upside down). Additionally, two of the holes where hardware was placed have very slight mars left behind from cinching the hardware in place. There is griptape on the topside, and there is a stain on the griptape toward the tail of the board (this is from oil that was spilled on the griptape only). All other sides and surfaces of the board, including every square inch of the graphics, are in PERFECT condition and have not been altered in any way. Notice that Christian Hosoi Rocket rails are also mounted on the board. They have not a single scratch mark on them. Additionally, I will include the original 63 mm, 95A wheels (essentially brand new) and the unscratched, original riser pads and hardware. Searches that I have done online have revealed only two other examples of this board; both of them are in considerably worse condition than mine and both are selling for more than I’m asking here, rails, wheels, risers, and hardware not included. Keep in mind that I have focused on the imperfections of the board in this advertisement so that nothing is hidden from the viewer; ultimately, however, this board is in near mint condition."

Currently selling for $490.00 with 5 days left here.


  1. damn that brings back memories i got that board for my 13th b-day!! 34 now still one of my all-time fav skaters & designs

  2. I have this deck on ebay..take look..

  3. I rode that deck for years. got it when I was 14. What I wouldn't give to have it now. I'm 35