Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NOS Powell Peralta Vintage Skateboard Collection MINT!!

If I were rich and lazy I would have hit buy it now before I even posted this one. This is pretty much a dream collection. The only thing I would change is to have the Per Welinder with a blue background. Here is what the seller had to say about it.

"Okay... what i'v here for sale is my lifes work, no.. but seriously... one of the sickest collections i own. Took years and dedication to hunt all these nos decks down and piece this collection together. I believe wont find a better looking set of mid 80's Powell Peralta wood.
Alright... heres whatcha get
look at the pic from left to right...
Full Size Tommy Guerrero Flaming Dagger 7ply Black Dip
Full Size Steve Caballero Dragon and Bats 7ply Flo.Green Dip
Full Size Powell Peralta Skull & Sword Team Deck, XT Bonite, Baby Blue Dip
Full Size Tony Hawk Chicken Skull 7ply Yellow Dip
Full Size Powell Peralta Ripper Team Deck, XT Bonite, Baby Blue Dip
Full Size Lance Mountain Future Primitive 7ply Hot Pink
Full Size Mike Mcgill Skull & Snake, very rare Bottle Nose version, XT Bonite Black
Full Size Per Welinder Nordic Skull Street Deck 1st version(no hips) XT Bonite Black
PLUS... i will throw in a Vintage BONES RIPPER Banner 4ft+4ft Excellent Cond.
All decks are in mint condition or very close to mint condition... no bullsh*t! Again this is one of the nicest P&P collections you'll ever find. Check my feedback... im a trusted skateboard hustler the world over. Decks will be shipped in thick plastic U-Line bags and bubble wrapped individually. They will arive to you securely and in perfect condition.
I would rather not break this collection up... so im selling it as a collection NOT individually deck by deck.
Buy it now for $8000.00 here.


  1. nice!

    Love the blue ripper deck! so sweet!

    Hit me up at if you see any rippers for sale. I collect only rippers....Cheers!

  2. no. too expensive.

    the decks were sold off individually.

  3. I have the ripper banner signed by all the old Powell skaters

  4. How long did that collection take to sell >