Thursday, October 1, 2009

OBEY x PEEL print available October 6th‏

When Jess and I had the fire in our apartment, Dave and Holly Combs were some of the first people to do whatever they could to help us out. They are some of the nicest, most giving people I have ever met. The two of them recently hooked up with artist Shepard Fairey to create this limited edition print in hopes of helping them get back on their feet after some hard times.

This is what Shepard had to say about the new print "Dave and Holly Combs are wonderful people as well as the founders of PEEL Zine. They took the risk of following their artistic passion and have paid the price of losing their home. I created this print with and for them to raise money to help with their huge debt. PEEL has helped to support and grow the street art community and I believe they deserve to have the favor returned. Profits from this print go to help the Combs family. Please help out."
-Shepard Fairey
The Sticker Kit Print will go on sale 10/6 at a Random Time, Limit 1. Edition of 450, 18×24, S/N, $45 on

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