Friday, October 16, 2009

Holy S%#t! It's a Rock Is King Rodney Mullen Deck!

This is what appears to be a authentic Rock is King Rodney Mullen deck from World Industries. This board was released in 1992 with graphics done by Marc McKee and with out Rodney's knowledge. Apparently World knew Rodney would not approve of this graphic so they snuck behind his back and released while he was on tour. World then sent it to a few shops where Rodney was going to be doing demos and as the story goes the first time he saw one was when a little kid brought it up to him to be autographed.

This model is currently selling for $2501.00, with 27 bids and 1 day to go here.


  1. Got to love what World does! Great graphics and a very desirable item. Might be a bit over priced at $2500, but it is a matter of supply and demand. Cease & Desist had a re-issue of this graphic without the Rodney Mullen name on it. Was a limited run can't find much on it.

  2. i got the c&d rad,,i remember the og one back in the day.....funny story