Monday, July 1, 2013

The DWS Retrospective

OneWay Gallery Narragansett in conjunction with DWS Records present The DWS Retrospective: 20 Years of Artwork & Best Buddy Stuff featuring the work of Gamo, Smut Villain and Evoker. The three artists met in the mid 1990s, and quickly discovered a lot of shared ground. It extended approximately from skateboarding to record collecting, and from "yo momma" jokes, all the way to the far side of early cartoons. Once these disparate points were plotted, the theoretical space their borders defined was gradually filled with turntables, graffiti tools, "kick me" signs, fireworks, Rodney Dangerfield movies, dice, polaroid cameras, Cheech Wizards, skateboard decks, and stacks of back issues of Mad Magazine. All of these items were eventually moved to an actual physical space - a house, in fact, where the three lived together for a few years around the turn of the century - a period that allowed them to collaborate more regularly on a wide variety of projects, both musical and visual. These collaborations, as well as constant access to each other's record and movie collections, paintings, reference materials, and sketchbooks, led to an even more closely shared sphere of influence, and though each artist clearly experienced it through their own distinct filter, it's clear they all did (and still do) influence each other heavily. While all 3 artists still do personal projects on the side, they have also spent the past decade envisioning and executing creative projects in a wide variety of mediums, both individually and as a group, for a client list that includes Def Jam, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Saturday Night Live, Rockband Games, 7Ply skate shop and Coca Cola Japan. Now, these 3 once again find themselves sharing a space, as they fill the OneWay Gallery Narragansett with a retrospective of the work they have collectively done over the course of a two-decade friendship.
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 3, 2013, 7 – 9pm
Media Contact: Ryan Robidoux, Participating Artist
OneWay Gallery Narragansett 140 Boon St. Narragansett, RI

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