Friday, May 15, 2009

Upcoming Events!

May 16th 12-6pm
Proletariat x Evoker release date
I will be hanging out at the store signing boards.
36 Jfk St # 2, Cambridge, MA‎ - (617) 661-3865‎ May 22nd
Spin That Thing art show at Famous When Dead Gallery
Painted records from artists around the world.
207 Victoria St., West Melborne Australia
May 23rd 2-7pm
Mi Adidas - Customize your life
Buy a pair of white Adidas and I will custom paint them for you!
1270 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA‎ - (617) 864-0790‎

June 2nd 5-8pm
PB(art) @ Proletariat
I will be live painting with Fish Mcgill. Free PBR!!!!!
36 Jfk St # 2, Cambridge, MA‎ - (617) 661-3865

‎I know this one is a while away but,
September 26th 7-?pm
Lab Boston show with Kngee, Dolla, and Peat
With special guest DJ Smut Villain
113 Brighton Ave, Allston, MA‎

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