Friday, May 15, 2009

Jason Lee and Adam McNatt Claudia Schiffer decks!

Well hot dog! Look at these two beauties! To be perfectly honest I could really give a crap about the Adam Mcnatt, but that Jason Lee is one of my favorite graphics ever. Probably has more to do with the time in my life when it came out vs the actual graphic. I do agree the two decks do go well together in this $3499.00 eBay auction, although the whole Blind set would have been better. Here is what the seller had to say about them.

"Greetings collectors. Here you go. 2 of the most rare skateboards in existence, available together--as a set. As you may or may not know, longtime skateboard artist, Sean Cliver, originally drew the graphic on My Name is Earl star Jason Lee's deck for Adam McNatt while he still worked at Powell Peralta. Upon his departure, Steve Rocco at World Industries asked him to redraw the graphic so that they could release the it universally on all 5 Blind pro models. At the time, World Industries was a much smaller and swifter company, and they released the graphic long before Powell could even go in to production with it. The move forced Powell Peralta to come up with a new graphic for the Adam McNatt pro model--which was eventually drawn by John Keester. I guess Adam McNatt had his heart set on having an image of that time supermodel Claudia Schiffer on his first pro model, because that's exactly who you see on both decks."

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