Friday, May 8, 2009

Sam Flores

Here's your chance to run up on some really cheap Sam Flores artwork. Both of these drawings are 8" x 10" and come framed. The crazy part is that one of them is going for $1 and the other is at $1.25. Here's a link to the sellers page.

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  1. She's had a whole lot of his ink drawings up recently, all with high reserves(at least she dropped the BS of "I'm moving and downsizing"). These are all drawings that came from the SF & Sacto UP stores in the last 2-3 months. It's $200 for the smaller, $250 for the larger. They had something like 200 of his drawings up for sale and he keeps dropping off more. Best bet is to holler at a NorCal homey and get them to drop by and pick you up something at cost. Last I heard they were also doing a buy 3 @ $250 and get them for $600. May want to check that out before expecting it though.