Monday, May 4, 2009

Ed Roth Hand Painted Skateboard

EBay find #2 of the day.
This is what the description said. "this is a original, hand painted Rat Fink done by Ed Roth Himself!This was done around the time Ed was working with Madrid skateboards to make an official Rat Fink board. Ed got blank decks from the company, and would paint and sell them at shows. This one was purchased from Ed Roth at the show. Board has NEVER been mounted or skated. Black outlines done in one shot paint and the color in neon spray paint. Same kind Ed uses on shirts sometimes. Really cool part, you can see Ed's rough pencil sketch under the paint a little!!!!! This is a one-off original piece of Rat Fink history."
Currently selling for $400 with one bid here.

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