Monday, June 8, 2009

Newer Classic Skateboard Graphics

I usually only show older skateboard graphics on here, but I have recently decided to start posting newer boards that I think will be classics in the years to come. These are my first selections.

Bueno- Shiloh Greathouse
Artist- Micheal Sieben

Krooked- Artist Series
Artist- Mike Giant

Birdhouse- Matt Ball
Artist- ?

5Boro- Cinco Barrios
Artist- Grotesk

Toy Machine- Fists
Artists- Ed Templeton

On another note I was wondering if someone could make a website that showcases all boards new and old. Or if someone would like to pay me to do it. does a pretty good job with the old stuff, but I feel they kind of look over the new stuff a little. Also alot of there pictures are tiny and you can't save them.

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