Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Natas 101 Boom and Rodney Mullen Sureshot Prototypes?

About once a week I run into an a decently rare World industries board with this written in the description " Note: this deck is the real deal on the
original shape. soon after it was cut down to a popsicle shape". The seller claims he has no idea why, which doesn't really seem to add up. I have also seen boards like this listed as prototypes. I'm not really buying these stories and for prices like $950.00 to $2,500 buyers should wait around for something that is not this suspect.

The Mullen looks pretty close to a real deal minus the shape.

This Natas on the other hand has no top graphic and has the wrong hole pattern for the front truck.


  1. it is a prototype, but i feel you

  2. They are 110% legit from chicken whom screened all the blind/101/wi/plan b chocolate decks double front holes is seen in alot of early 90's decks to extend the nose - chicken sold a few of the cut down decks late 08 early 09 to hardcore collectors! thx

  3. i saw a rare ? jason lee grinch sell on ebay minutes ago for a rediculous 2175$ what the buuck.How can people know theyre authentic??