Monday, March 7, 2011

J-RYU is a Mad Scientist

I went over to J-RYU's studio last week to work on a couple things and check out the piece he was working on for "For the Love of Vinyl" show at Dragatomi on March 12th. When I walked in, it was hard not to notice jars full of cast toys, different containers with various concoctions of glitter, fake snow and empty molds all over the place. It serious looked like Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory in there. He told me how he was making a custom Symbiote with a skeleton and floating clear ghost entrapped in a snow globe, to which I said "OK?".

Well, he finished it up a couple days ago after a few sleepless nights, countless headaches and one broken snow globe and the results could not have been more amazing. Check out the video on the bottom to see the process and the final product.

For more of the story and a couple photos check out .

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