Wednesday, December 23, 2009

EBAY GOLD! Randy Colvin Black Label Skateboard Art

Keep your eyes on this seller, he has been getting rid of a lot of the old original artwork for the decks that Daniel Dunphy made. Here is what he had to say about this Black Label Randy Colvin artwork.

"Here is an amazing opportunity, maybe once in a lifetime to own Randy Colvin original art for his Black Label deck in 1993. Artwork done by Daniel Dunphy. Very rare here! Awesome Graphic.

I received this original " Hand Drawn " art from Daniel Dunphy himself. Daniel was an artist for Liberty, World, Plan B, Blind, 101 etc in the early 90's and sat with Marc Mckee and Sean Cliver for years working under Rocco. He is featured in Cliver's Disposable book and a huge contributer to skateboarding. He is still doing art for Zero, Flip and many other companies."

Currently selling for $9.99 with 5 days to go here.

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