Thursday, July 16, 2009

1989 Santa Cruz Street Creep Skull TEAM DECK

Check out the color scheme on this original 1989 Santa Cruz Street Creep Skull TEAM DECK. This thing is cherry! Here's what the seller had to say about it.
"Never Gripped or Mounted. One of the sickest decks ever created and many collectors have asked me to sell it, so here it is. I have not seen a ORIGINAL Santa Cruz Oops Face Team Deck on Ebay let alone a NOS never gripped or mounted example like this one.THIS IS NOT A RE-ISSUE. This deck was created by the masterpiece artist Jim Phillips for Santa Cruz . It is still in its original shrink wrap and 100% authentic and not a reproduction.IT STILL HAS THE WARRANTY CARD INSIDE FROM 1989 !"
Currently selling for $710 with 5 days left here. Hopefully the seller will buy a new camera with that money.


  1. my first pro-deck...1991(sigh)

  2. this is not the team deck but this is from the same time and this thing is in killer condition: