Thursday, January 29, 2009

The rest of the steps

1. After I put the background color in I realized the color of the elephant was to light. I then went back to the elephant head fill and shading and darkened them both up.
2. For the lettering I found a font that was very similar to the one they used and warped it on a upper arch. From there I added a red stoke and a black stroke. The black stroke looked a little sloppy so I used the pen tool to create jagged marks around and on the letters.
3. I found a font that looked like the powell font. You can buy that font now, but the one I had was very close. For the powell logo I went on brands of the world, found the powell logo, downloaded it and rotated it sideways to make it look like a E.
4. Lastly I threw in the 7ply logo and presto! The finished product.

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  1. wow man... killin it with this one... we need to get up soon... work on some shit.
    hit me up.