Friday, May 18, 2012

Evoker - Toy Machine Tribute Sticker

Growing up as a little skate rat in the 90's, I feel like Toy Machine's team was one of the biggest influences of my skateboarding career. I watched my VHS copy of "Welcome to Hell" so many times that I wore the tape into almost complete snow. The Jamie Thomas part alone got me to be a huge Iron Maiden fan as well as got me to grow my hair out. A part that I still, to this day, feel changed skateboarding forever.

So here is my tribute, to the sweat, the blood, the amazing Ed Templeton art and the inspiration a small group of young skateboarders gave to the rest of the world.

So thank you Ed Templeton, Jamie Thomas and the rest of the OG Toy Machine crew. You guys inspired a whole generation of young kids to throw themselves down stairs in hopes of living up to your legacy. Respect due.

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