Saturday, April 23, 2011

A letter from Poe

It was great to finally meeting Ryan at the opening of little green men. It was also fun talking about art and freehand painting and computers. I told him that my girls love his 'pirate' sticker but I did not realize how much until the following morning. After the opening I came home and dropped the pirate sticker on the kitchen counter and went to bed. The next day my 8 year old presented me with her take on the sticker. Apparently that morning she woke up, saw it and started drawing. Me being half awake and sleepy eyed, I just assumed that she had traced it. But as I cleared the sleep from my eyes and looked more closely, I realized she had not. I asked her if she had indeed traced it. She said "nope" and walked off to play. See attached drawing. I love this story, because this is almost exactly what I did when I copied Pushead's original drawing.

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