Sunday, February 27, 2011

12 Facts about Karim

Everyone knows that Karim is a righteous photographer, a cool mellow guy and that he has a pretty awesome blog, but here are 12 facts you may not know about him.
The first six are from one of Karim and my oldest friends Nat and the second six are from me.

1. Karim has been over six feet tall since he was 8 years old
2. Karim has the uncanny ability to frustrate people. For example I once witnessed his dad ground him for a year straight.
3. He also has the ability to charm his way out of every potentially bad situation. I've seen His witty sense of humor and smile get him off the hook more times then I can mention. Which in turn plays back into his ability to frustrate.
4. Karim has owned every issue of transworld since 1992, and prob has them all piled up at his parents house.
5. Karim is so good at doing nothing he actually inspires people to regress.
6. Karim is the most stubborn person I have ever been friends with. To this day I cant recall a time that he has ever been wrong (at least not in his mind).
7. Karim loves kittens.
8. According to Karim's wife Kim, Karim blew out his knee "ONLY doing a manual".
9. Karim will NOT ask for directions! On a recent road trip Karim would not ask Sam the name of the road he lived on, insisting that we just drive around till we find it. This was after 12 straight hours of driving, with two people needing to throw up from the flu (one being him), one person having to poop super bad, a ton of yelling and less than a mile to get there.
10. Karim will road trip anywhere and is one of the best people to have with you on one ever.
11. Karim once said the phrase "Bitties in the BK lounge" for 2 days days straight.
12. Karim uses some sort of magic crystal that is rumored to be made out of ancient gypsy tears as deodorant. I not sure if he's using it right.

Get it Karim!

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