Thursday, September 30, 2010

Scott Pilgrim Vs. Evoker

This is a Diesel Sweeties Pixel Skull shirt that Michael Cera wears in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.This is a sticker I designed in 2001 that was featured in the first issue of Peel Magazine in the fall of 2003 and later featured on the back cover of the book Peel: The Art Of The Sticker in 2008. Coincidence? Yep, turns out we both started doing it in the same year and he sent me the proof. I guess great minds do think alike!


  1. I'm sure this will be pointed out, but that pixel-skull shirt appeared on his website in 2001. Not sure who got the first one in, but if yours wasn't published anywhere until 2003, there is no way that Rich stole this from you. Sorry.

  2. he also designed his in 2001 (check the date on, and it's a different shape on the eyes and nose, so it seem way more likely that this is one of those parallel evolution type deals.

  3. Not really a coincidence. The person who made the shirt had it featured his webcomics in 2001.

  4. It's a pixel skull, I don't think it's an incredibly unique idea - there are at least four different variations of the same thing if you search "pixel skull" on Google Images. I can pull out some drawings I did on grid-paper back in elementary school that will out date both examples if you really feel like making something out of this.

    So, I see what you're saying as far as the resemblance goes, but I don't think every person who has come up with a pixel skull has gotten the idea from some obscure niche magazine you had an image in from 7 years ago. Even so, it's a bit ridiculous that you're "suspicious" of someone taking an image you've used in street art, doesn't that type of attitude defy the entire medium as a whole?

    Anyway, I also did some digging (about 2 seconds) and it looks like the pixel skull was used in a comic from the artist you're questioning at the same time or possibly before the sticker you created existed, you can find it right on the website with the copyright date if you look back into the archives. So the magazine and book couldn't possible have been the inspiration for this to begin with... I'd call it a day.