Tuesday, November 3, 2009

1990 World Industries Rocco 3

The discription on this one says it all.

REAL DEAL, OG VINTAGE World Industries WOOD... this is skateboard history!

Here it is... "the man who souled the world" Steve Rocco... founder of the infamous skateboard company World Industries
check it out... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UxUbq0_Rqw
This is the man that paved the way for every body else.... changed skateboarding industrie forever.... pay your respects, youngsters.
1990 ROCCO III POO DEVIL...art work by "Marc Mckee"... 1st, last and only Pro Model for his own company World Industries.. Remember Rubbish Heap.
Deck is used but not abused... RARE AS GETS IN ANY CONDITION!... Yellow PooBear...Very Choice Colors on this one.
Rocco was sued by Disney over this POO... Check out president Reagan on the top WTF!! This sh*t is HISTORY!!
Check this out... http://www.artofskateboarding.com/PG/aos_pg_detail.asp?prod_id=334 ... this deck in the past has sold from $700 to $2500... not to mention the private sales... because Rocco's the sh*t and everyone is suppost to know it!!!

Throw your reissue turds away...
Wrong shape, Wrong Wood, Wrong Time = SUCKS!
Be a real skateboard collecting enthusiast...
Put an ORIGINAL World Industries RoccoIII Poo Devil on your wall.. then flip it over and look at Reagan... Yeeeeah.. now you got something! ;) "

Currently selling for $148.50 with 6 days to go here.


  1. One of the best Mike V deck's

  2. I'm really digging the Ron Chatman.

  3. I own this same exact Rocco board! I just one it off ebay 2 weeks ago. What small world.

  4. where may i find a beastly board